Davinci XXI

Davinci XXI – Personalized Luxury Watches

A contemporary signature collection bridging the gap between urban and luxury.

Davinci XXI makes watches that come in gold, black, silver, and rose gold with either a white or black face. It has a simple design but whats not so simple is that you can personalize it to truly make it your own.

Personalizing anything makes for something that is instantly sentimental and more precious. I will never forget the necklace my sister in law got me for my wedding with my wedding date on it, I never took it off it meant so much. So I am a big fan of this concept.

State of the Art engraving machine, UT-50P.

Each watch has a swiss movement, as well as a sapphire glass and Swarovski crystal on the face facing 6 o’clock. It’s clasp is made of 316 stainless steal, and has high grade gold plating.

Link to Kickstarter: https://goo.gl/xU6XvG

One thing I thought was really cool that their campaign advertised was that each timepiece will include a 5 year warranty and certificate of authenticity! That is pretty cool feels safe. You can tell they put a lot of time and effort into their campaign be sure to check out there page in the link below.  https://goo.gl/xU6XvG 

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