Tribit Xfree BT Headphones

Wireless Xfree Headphones

Wireless headphones are becoming more and more of a necessity these days with more top end devices losing the headphone jack. The main problem with this is that wireless headphones aren’t cheap. Most of the time they cost a ludicrous amount of money, and the sound quality isn’t even guaranteed. Many companies have made attempts to break into the budget wireless market, but the sacrifices made usually mean a terrible product. That’s where Tribit comes in with Xfree Tune.

The Tribit Xfree Tune are a pair of wireless headphones that aim to crash straight into the budget wireless headphone market. With a cheap and cheerful price tag of only $50, the Xfree Tune hopes to win the hearts of budget conscious consumers everywhere. But can it actually succeed at doing that, or will it fail like many others before it? Keep reading to find out!

In terms of design, the Tribit Xfree Tunes are made of matte black plastic, making them look very simple and clean. The microUSB charging port sits on the left earcup along with three buttons for control. The right earcup has a 3.5mm audio port in case you want to save battery and plug them in. The cushions are made of faux leather, and they’re decently large for on-ear headphones. They also fold along the metal trims, making them nice and portable.

So, how about the sound quality? The headphones were actually pretty decent with good clarity, well-defined bass and a nice neutral sound. The treble is somewhat harsh, but not enough to ruin the experience. This is quite surprising for bluetooth headphones, since at this price they’re often horrible garbage. The Tribit stands out very well in this case, it has excellent sound for the price, and I’m very impressed at what they’ve achieved.

The physical controls on the left ear cup are used to advance tracks, control volume and turn on the headphones. There is no noise canceling here for music, though there is noise canceling for voice calls. The pleather pads on the Xfree Tune aren’t too bad, though they’re still pleather pads. They still do seal out sound decently well, though you shouldn’t be expecting exquisite comfort at this price point.

Tribit’s Xfree Tune utilize Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless pairing, and they work admirably well. They paired easily with the iPhone X, and had no issue with pretty much every Android device thrown at it. It’s quite reliable, and didn’t have many performance issues either. Even the battery life was stellar, with the headphones successfully achieving the quoted 24 hours of batter life on a single charge.

overall, the Tribit Xfree Tunes are a wonderful pair of wireless headphones, and pretty much the best budget pair available at this point. They’re nothing too spectacular, but they’re reliable and perform quite well. For the price, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better. While there are some areas where they could be better, the Xfree Tunes are stellar and worthy of recommendation.

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