Titan Deep Diving Underwater Drone


Titan takes you deeper than any other underwater drone.

Titan is a new underwater drone that recently hit the Kickstarter marketplace. It Is particularly  special because it has powerful motors that allow it to dive as deep as 492 feet! It’s battery last up to 4 hours, In comparison to most drones that fly in the air that is an extremely long time. The battery length on my Mavic Air last around 30 minutes so you would need about 8 exchangeable batteries if you wanted to film for a full 4 hours.  The camera shoots in 4k with 8 megapixel photos. The camera also had f-stop of 2.5 and a 160 degree field of view.

You can also live stream through the app that is compatible with both IOS and Android users. Titan has 6 thrusters and can go a max speed of 4 knots in still water. The remote control connects to your phone or tablet so you  can easily control where you want to explore and see through the cameras view.

In the past I did some filming with my underwater housing that was extremely heavy. Controlling the camera while swimming in order to do a cool underwater shoot is quite difficult, making sure the shots are stable and look good while you are also focusing on so many other things is hard to do… so having the option to do a full shoot under the water and even scout out a shoot without ever leaving the boat is quite a luxury. It’s really cool.   The Titan underwater drone also has built in led lights on both sides of the camera so you can get great shots even when its dark.


Link to Kickstarter: https://goo.gl/yb6Q41

Campaign link: https://goo.gl/yb6Q41

The full package titan is offering comes with a heavy duty roller hard case, a rope to ensure its safety, a controller, battery charger, wireless transmitter, camera filters, weight distribution modules as well as a Manuel on how to use it.  There are also additional add-ons you can purchase like a robotic arm, sonar, and an underwater microphone!

In places like Hawaii when your on a boat and see a whale you are not allowed to swim to it or go get too close with your boat. Having an underwater drone to capture footage when you are legally not allowed to swim is super cool. This Under water drone is great for people who want to explore the ocean see if there are shipwrecks or other cool treasures hidden down below. People that want to scout some good fishing spots or photo spots, or even for professional inspections. There are so many uses and so much we can learn with new tools like this. For more information about Titan click on the blue button below.

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