The KeyWe Smart Lock

The KeyWe Smart Lock is impressive and affordable

Want your house to be more secure? Make way for the KeyWe Smart Lock!
If you’re in need of a brand new lock for your house door AND happen to be incredibly tech savvy, then you’re in luck. Korean company KeyWe’s latest Kickstarter the KeyWe smart lock, one they’re calling the “smartest lock ever”. We’re not arguing though; it’s got all the bells and whistles you could want from a lock, and then some.
The KeyWe Smart Lock is essentially a battery fueled door lock that gives you plenty of secure ways to lock and open your door. Through an app on your smartphone, you can select between these different methods at will. The sheer amount of ways to unlock your door available is frankly quite impressive.
There’s Bluetooth, which unlocks the door when you come close to it and locks it behind you. If that’s too scary for you, you can also unlock it via a button in the app. There’s even the option to use NFC to unlock your door with your phone or a NFC card. For those of you who still can’t wrap your heads around that, you can still opt for a simple pin code.
You may ask, “What if my phone runs out of battery, or I lose it, or my house runs out of electricity?”. Well, there’s also a workaround for that. In the event of an emergency, the KeyWe Smart Lock comes with a standard key as well. The developers over at KeyWe really put a lot of thought into this, and it shows.

Check out their Kickstarter:

If you’re wondering if a smart lock can be secure, then you can put those worries to rest. KeyWe has apparently tested the lock in a high-density Seoul apartment complex chock-full of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, making it really secure. In the case that you lose your phone, de-registering your device is also an extremely simple process.

But that’s just the software side of things. What about if someone physically attempts to smash the lock? Well, KeyWe’s given plenty of thought towards that as well. The KeyWe Smart Lock is built with Ansi Grade 2 Deadbolt and very strong aluminum. How strong exactly? To put it into perspective, the aluminum here is the same type that goes into the making of planes and boats. This is some really strong aluminum right here.
So, how much is this miraculous product exactly? Well, it’s really not too bad. The KeyWe Smart Lock is on Kickstarter for US$139. You can also opt for two at a lower price of US$198, and you can add an extra US$50 for a Wi-Fi bridge add-on that allows you to unlock your door from basically anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. The final retail price for the KeyWe Smart Lock will be $199, which honestly still isn’t too bad.
The KeyWe Smart Lock is undeniably a great product, and it seems people on Kickstarter agree. The company promptly smashed their U$30,000 goal in a mere 3 hours, and has now raised US$207,527, which is several times higher than their original goal. It’s even more impressive when you consider that there’s still 34 days left on the clock. If you’re interested, you can check out this Kickstarter by pressing be blue button below.

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