The AM1

The Am1 Electric Bike

Today we are featuring an electric bike by Analog Motion that is extremely customizable, its also quite powerful.

With this e-bike you can choose how much assistance you want. Easily turn the assist up or down depending on your preference at the time. The Am1 has a range of 20 miles, The battery is removable and recharges in 3 hours.

The AM1 electric bike is an Electric bike made for people commuting to work, People who enjoy riding their bike but may want the option of not working as hard. It’s pretty much the same a a normal bike in terms of weight and feel. It weighs about 30 pounds.

Link to Kickstarter:

A fun idea they had for a stretch goal is adding the option of a cherriot, an addon on the back where you can be pulled behind in the standing position. This is a fun Idea and makes me hope they do raise enough to open up that addon! 

This e-bike is made in London and ship is a box to cut down the cost of shipping. You do have to assemble it yourself the same way your would assemble furniture from IKEA.

The AM1 was designed to be ultra- lightweight, reliable, and has an electronic braking system. It is a fixed gear bike and has a classic design.The ability to detach the Samsung batteries does make it

easier to take it into a coffee shop to recharge and less worried about the theft.

I think if you are in the process of looking for a bike electric is the way of the future, it is faster easier and I think a lot more fun.

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