Survivor kit

One Tool Kit Is All You Need To Survive The Outdoors.

Every now and then comes a time when a man must heed to the call of the wilderness and set out to brave the great outdoors. And when the wild becomes your playpen, you need all the right tools to get the most out of your adventure. Be it basic survival or an actual all-out camping experience, you need to be out there, well prepared to be able to fend off against whatever gets thrown at you.

You’ll need instincts, a drive and most of all, the equipment. Be it catching your own fish or cooking your bounty on a log fire, hacking away at an obstacle, digging a small ditch to serve whatever or just about being able to maneuver and finding your way in the dark; you need reliable and efficient tools that help you get through that. From crafting small survival shards to mending your make-shift shelter, every camper needs to have an apparatus they can with them anywhere and have it as dependable as it gets. This not only keeps your morale high and you confident in your survival journey but also reassures you that you have the right equipment to get you through this without a hitch.

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The survival kit comes with a hammer that is able to smash rocks with utmost ease and a superior grip. You can even jam in parts to do repairs using this. The saw is able to cut logs with minimum effort and will help you in crafting or mastering your terrain. The ax, also having a solid grip and just the right size lets you chop up wood while having great accuracy and control over each strike. The spanner tool lets you go at it on bolts of variable sizes.

All of this comes as modular parts and are extremely portable and lightweight so you get the most of these while virtually having to carry less. And if you think we missed something, there’s also a bottle opener included so you get to have that cold beer at the end of a long day of mastering the outdoors. If this interests you and you want to find out more click the blue Kickstarter button below.

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