Rollup Solar Powerbank

The Soul Solar Scroll

The folks over at the Zhuhai startup Soul have come up with a simple, ingenious way to keep your mobile devices up and running when you’re out and roaming around. Their latest product to hit Kickstarter is the Soul Solar Scroll, an incredibly cool sounding product that is essentially a powerbank that runs off the sun. Keep reading to find out more about this creative new product.

So, you may be questioning how exactly the Soul Solar Scroll can charge itself with solar power? The answer to that is that the Solar Scroll features a rollable solar panel with an integrated battery to charge your devices on the go. This panel is what keeps the 5,200mAh battery in the within the Solar Scroll going, though you can also conveniently charge it by conventional means.

If you’ve got doubts on the durability of the panel, then you can rest easy. The panel is a military grade unit that is durable and flexible. According to the company, the panel was designed to be as lightweight and efficient as possible. Using it is as simple as unrolling the panel to let it soak up the energy from the sun while you carry on with what you were doing.


The Soul Solar Scroll is compatible with plenty of different gadgets. The company boasts that the scroll can charge your phones, your laptops, your tablets, your wireless headphones, your Nintendo Switches, your GoPros and even your e-readers if you must. It uses a normal USB for charging, which is pretty convenient. It’s also eco-friendly and uses renewable energy, which is always a positive these days.


The Kickstarter is currently sitting just past its goal of $30,000, which is a great sign for such an interesting item. As of the time of writing, there are still a couple of $115 early bird units available. Everyone else will need to get the $129 pledge for a single Scroll. For those of you looking to get extras, there are also other options including 2 for $199, 4 for $380 and 6 for $540. If you’re feeling really special, there’s also the limited edition that comes with a custom color and your initials for $1000. Click the blue button below to find out more!

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