A Modular Lightbulb


Smartbunch brings us the worlds first modular lightbulb. This reinvented LED lightbulb is available for pre-order on Kickstarter: kck.st/2pFBVC9

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Each lightbulb is a triangle of self contained LED lights. The triangles snap together magnetically. This creates a modular light; that would be especially useful in lighting situations that often change.

Smartbunch is creating this lightbulb with intention of producing a full smart hub. They’ve mentioned releasing a camera and speaker add ons that would connect as the light bulbs do.

The light triangles will come in different styles including copper, rich oak, birch, graphite aluminum, shiny steel, snow aluminum, white ale, and opal.

The light panels are powered by a matching triangle that operates as the power module. There are several power modules designs on their campaign to choose from. The battery module seems like a great addition.

The SMARTBUNCH  has already raised over $26k of their $70k goal. They still have 25 days remaining for pre-orders. You can view their Kickstarter campaign here: kck.st/2pFBVC9

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