The new keyholder on the block

We’ve seen some cool key holders over the years. ShieldX may have them beat with their new Kickstarter:

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This chrome and carbon fiber key holder is a clean way to carry your keys and includes some pretty cool features.

We like sharing projects like that because they seem a more trustworthy than some campaigns we’ve seen. The creators of the ShieldX, are the same team that raised $200,000 on the Moose Workstation Bag. More importantly, they delivered on time. This is a cool, well designed product that isn’t making any impossible promises.

To take their stylish keyholder yet one step further; ShieldX turned their keyholder into a multi tool by including a tool common to swissarmy knives. The addition of this extra piece, provides the equivelent of a bottle opener, box cutter, and flathead screwdriver.

As of 3/26/18 the Shield X has far exceeded their $4,000 goal with over $17,000 raised and 54 days remaining for pre-orders.

You can find out more on their Kickstarter page:

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