• RuuviTag is a sensor beacon that can be used for several different purposes. It can act as a standard Eddystone/iBeacon proximity beacon but it has the potential to be so much more. By having a way to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and acceleration it’s possible to cover several use cases. And no need to worry about charging the device because the battery life lasts up to 10 years. How to use it? The device can be easily adjusted to cover different and various needs. Use it as a remote weather station with readings that can be pulled up on your mobile phone without pre-installing a mobile app of any kind. Attach one to your bicycle so you can be notified if someone moves it or tell it to broadcast a Physical Web address. There are endless possibilities for its set up. No programming tools or advanced technical knowledge is required. But, because everything is open-source, the opportunities are limitless.



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