Qubii Automatic Backup While You Charge

Qubii Backup Charger

Nowadays, we have so much private info, pictures and data on our phone that losing it can be very devastating which makes backing up your data incredibly important. Unfortunately, the majority of current backup solutions available today are not only unreliable but also incredibly frustrating to deal with. Even Cloud backup solutions that charge expensive monthly fees either reduce the quality of your images or are simply too complex to use!

Qubii is a new ambitious startup that aims to make backing up your data easier, simpler and faster than ever before! Qubii lets you back-up your data as you charge your phone with any standard wall outlet using its own unique iOS invention called “Non-interference Background Thread Technology”. This allows Qubii to quietly work in the background while your phone charges without disrupting the way you use your smartphone on a day to day basis making it easier than ever before to keep all your data backed-up while ensuring no one else can get their hands on it!

Unlike cloud backup solutions that charge you a monthly fee, Qubii is a one-time purchase that backs-up data faster, offers more storage space and can be accessed without the internet making it the most convenient way to keep your data safely backed up.

Link to Kickstarter: https://goo.gl/uZH98r

It’s designed to be portable and automatic. You can also easily manage what you want to keep on your phone and what your want to back up. As well as plug it into a new phone and restore all the data you saved onto it. You can also share the media across multiple devices like from your phone to your tablet. All your files are stored on a SD card that’s easy to replace and exchange and it works as a memory card reader as well if you wanted to plug it into the computer to look at what’s on the memory card. Another incredible benefit to the Qubii is that it does not double backup files night after night creating multiple copies. It can detects whats already on the card and skips duplicates.

I have personally experienced loss of media whether it was on a trip to Italy and my camera got stolen along with all the media on it as well as had my phone break to the point of disrepair and I lost all my contacts and photos that were not backed up. This truly is an easy solution that you don’t even have to think about because its automatic.

This project also has a pretty fast turn around on creating and shipping your product for alot of projects you dont expect to see results for 3-8 months down the line and the Qubii estimates they can have it shipped by August 2018.  So if you are interested and want to see the campaign for yourself click the blue button below.

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