The PocketRule is a super convenient All-in-One measurement tool

Say hello to the PocketRule. This nifty little tool comes from AG Studios, who found carrying a bunch of measurement tools to be much too cumbersome. To address this, they went to Kickstarter to help fund the PocketRule, a card sized, well, card that hopes to replace all of your other measurement tools like the protractor, ruler and stencil. So, what’s so special about this little card then?

To start with, the PocketRule comes in three variants for three different work environments. There’s the Electrical unit which has reference information for circuit designers. Next, we’ve got the Engineer PocketRule that features a ruler, table of unit conversions, and some common equations. Finally, there’s the Designer variant which is more simple with a millimeter ruler and a protractor, as well as stencils for drawing circles and polygons from a triangle to a decagon.

Each PocketRule is made of copper-clad fiberglass, which is the exact same material that usually goes into circuit boards. They’re also 0.8mm thick and weigh in at a mere 7 grams, which is positively tiny. This helps keep the tool portable and easy to use, definitely less cumbersome than a whole tool pack. The metallic inscriptions on the other hand are made with finished copper, though there’s an option to make them gold-plated. There are also plenty of color options with black, white, blue, purple and green. The surfaces are normally glossy, though black and green do come in matte options.

Link to Kickstarter: https://goo.gl/He556k

Outside of that there isn’t that much else to say about the PocketRule. It’s really a straightforward tool, though it’s undeniably functional and incredibly useful if you need one. There are plenty of times where I could’ve used this in the past. If you’re interested in backing the PocketRule, you’ll want to be quick. There are only 32 days left to back it, and so far they’ve only gotten $2,159 of their $3,600 goal. There’s not that much time left, though it’s going to be close.

The pledges available are pretty all encompassing. You’ve got the $11 pledge for one PocketRule, $20 for two PocketRules or $27 for three. If you’re feeling particularly spendy, you can also go with the executive variant for $30 each. Or if you want two executive units it’s $56. Heck, might as well go all the way with three for $75. They ship anywhere in the world, and the estimated delivery date is July 2018. You can check out the Kickstarter page by clicking the blue button below.

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