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Make your crowdfunding campaign a huge success. Let Gadget Feed help with your media creation & digital distribution. We’ve removed all the risk of marketing and defer our fee until after you’ve receive your profits. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed.

Here’s what you will receive:

  • Social Edit of Your Campaign Video
  • Magazine Article Featured Across our Site
  • Social Promotion to 100,000+ Followers
  • Product Photography Package
  • Product Videography Package
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Access to Our Digital School
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Who We Are

GadgetFeed started as a Kickstarter magazine to feature our favorite gadgets. We have seen many great products fail to reach their funding goal, due to a limited marketing budget. Every employee of GadgetFeed has launched their own crowdfunding campaigns and know first hand the importance of digital marketing. We also know first hand the experience of launching a campaign with limited capital.

Most founders that use crowdfunding don’t have the capital to launch a company. This often means they don’t even have funds for a strong marketing campaign. A great product can only succeed if people know about it. So, GadgetFeed now leverages it’s marketing background to help approved technology gadgets so they can receive the exposure they need to be discovered.

We prioritize our digital audience over finding new marketing clients. This means, we will not feature your product unless we personally love it and believe that our audience will also fall in love with it. If you do not have a real working prototype, then please do not submit your project. If your invention is not a tech or design product, then it will not be accepted.

If you have a quality tech product, and are short on marketing funds; then let us help you surpass your funding goal. Fill out the form because it’s the easiest way to receive a positive ROI.

We Will Do It All

We are Gadgetfeed, we feature the latest in technology and our goal is to be apart of bringing new innovations to the world. One way we do that is by helping with marketing. You see there are incredible platforms making it easier than ever for innovators. But even still there are a lot of people that might not be checking Kickstarter or Amazon frequently. So how do you reach those people? We here at GadgetFeed have created a social following that is interested in seeing new innovations. We put people that are passionate about tech products together.

Here is what we do, we show new cool products to our digital audience. We know that scientifically they need to see your project 7 times to build trust in your brand. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to make sure we are connecting you to the people that matter. We do this so we can reach more people and help your products gain that brand recognition.

We also create a custom article on your product that we share to our online magazine to create a 3rd party perspective and again to make sure our readers are seeing what’s new on the market.

On top of all that we create a video that is between 15 seconds to 1 minute that is informational and inspirational that we share to our network. For the people that want to know more we provide a link for them to learn more information. We do our best to leave our audience wanting more, and not feeling super sold to. We have tested it and no one wants to subscribe to a page full of ads, so we present our videos in a way that is followable and gives just enough info. We are passionate about social media and creating engaging content. We love being apart of providing new thoughts and ideas and showing people things they have never seen before.

We realized that when you market to the right people sales are something that happens naturally. When you connect people that already care, that are already looking for what it is that you offer you don’t need to push because if they like it, they will get it and that’s why they follow. This happens automatically when you have a targeted audience.

We have worked with many projects that have been a huge success just to name a couple Titan an Underwater Drone and the AM1 Electric Bike.

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