Muwi Module Dolly

Muwi Portable Dolly Makes Cinamatic shots Easier than ever.

Muwi is an incredible tool that allows you to bring life to your footage though stabilized motion. Muwi set up their kickstarter to meet each persons individual needs, whether you have a phone or camera, want it to be motorized or not, they have given you tons of options. They created it to be an extremely affordable and compact Dolly.

In this photo you can see it’s really small, and the legs fold in and out during setup.  It has rotary legs that allow you to achieve perfect linear and curved movement. Because you can rotate the head any direction you can get a shot pushing in, or pulling out which is also called dolling, you could get a shot panning, or trucking.


They made a motorized version you can addon as well as a hands-free motorized dolly with a remote. This device is perfect time lapse photography, and cinematic video shots. They also created Track-Track is the slider addon.  It makes for a smooth gliding shot. You can attach it to a tripod, and they have a few different sizes. A small, medium and extra large track.

They also have a secure ball joint head mount. it will allow you to point your camera 360 degrees steadily. The dolly can carry up to 11 pounds and the Track can carry up to 33 pounds.

You can easily UP Your Video game with this Simple affordable tool and bring life to your footage though stabilized motion.


Link to Kickstarter:

Muwi is small and powerful. Great for travelers, people on the go that can quickly pop out their setup in order to tell a creative story. Great for run and gun videos, to up the anty and make it professional for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Muwi is a simple tool that solves the problems most travel filmmakers have, In my experience having tons of equipment does not necessarily make for better films. Alot of the time key story moments happen unexpectedly and having a tool that is so quick to setup makes it so you can capture what you need to capture whenever and wherever you are.  It’s being able to have those tools easily accessible that makes the biggest difference.

In my experience having a small setup you can have with you at all times really does trump having incredible tools that are too bulky or heavy to have on you throughout the day. I mean I was actually surprised to see how true this was for me. I have the DJI inspire 1 raw, and I also have the Mavic Air, You would expect that I would use the 6,000 dollar setup way more, it’s incredible quality but there are times I like the shots I get from my 1,000 dollar Mavic Air way more. That is because it is so quick to setup and take anywhere. I can set it up so fast and capture the light when it’s better and easier to use.  I am able to take it places I wouldn’t dream of taking my Inspire. I can pull it out of my tiny backpack on any hike and take off. Because of this I get really cool shots that would be extremely difficult to recreate with my other setup. The same applies for this portable dolly, We have a large slider that we realize if we wanted to bring it on a trip it would need to be shipped there in its own checked bag, and there are actually no checked bags that fit the size limits of the plane. So even though its a great slider it won’t be of much use if we wanted to take it on a quick trip.

Muwi is making it easier for creators to get creative, it’s really exciting to see people coming up with solutions and making improvements in the world. Find out more by clicking the blue button below.

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