The Ultimate Kickstarter Marketing Guide

You’re launching your Kickstarter but it won’t get sales without marketing. We’ll here is everything you want to know and more in this Ultimate Kickstarter Marketing Guide.

It’s a long page so here’s jump cuts to the sections below:

Internal Kickstarter Marketing – Rank high in Kickstarter Search

Social Marketing & PPC

Press PR

Best Marketing Services

Marketing Schedule


So let’s get started..

Internal Kickstarter Marketing – Rank high in Kickstarter Search

One of the best parts about crowdfunding is the community that’s already engaged in the platform that you’re using. If it’s Kickstarter, you already have “XXM” people looking for cool projects on However, you project is one of “XX” this year. So here’s how you stand out.

Get Kickstarter Staff Pick:

The best and cheapest marketing is to receive a Kickstarter staff pick. Here’s how to get your campaign selected for Kickstarter staff picks. Be weird & different, get their attention, show up in Google Trends. Submit to this email:

Have other people submit to this email:

Rank in their “New & Noteworthy”:

There are many factors that come into play for ranking in Kickstarters noteworthy section. Showing up here is very important as it’s the default search and where the majority of your sales will come from if you reach it. So what’s the algorthym?

In short, the most important factor is how many backers per day you receive. So if you wait a week and then get 100 backers on your 8th day. Then you’re receiving 12.5 backers/day. However, if you get 100 backers on your first day, we’ll that’s 100 backers/day. As you can see, getting as many backers as possible on your first couple days is crucial. If you accomplish this then you’ll show up at the top of “new and noteworthy” which will supply you with enough new backers to maintain a high position in the search.

So how do you get a bunch of backers on day 1? We’ll theres many common methods such as email marketing, PR, launch parties, and running your marketing campaigns months before your launch. Those are all important. However, the most effective thing is adding a $1 item that people REALLY want to buy. Having 100 people buy your $1 item helps you 100x more than 1 person buying a $100 item.

Social Marketing & PPC for Kickstarter

This is possibly the best and cheapest kickstarter marketing you can do if it’s done correctly. If done wrong, then it’s the biggest waist of time you can do.

Let’s start with why would someone follow your page. No… people don’t care about that. Come up with a better reason. Why would someone follow your page? What do they get from scrolling through your feed? Is it inspiring art that they connect with on an emotional level? Does it make them laugh? Are they receiving free information that’s really valuable to them? If you dont give them a REALLY good reason to follow your social accounts, then nobody will follow your social accounts.

If you do that one rule really well; the next and last step is get it in front of people. Once a few people see it, they’ll share it and that’s the only way you’ll grow. There are many effective strategies in getting people to see your accounts. However, it’s a complete waist of time and money if people aren’t going to immediately follow and share your account when they see it.

Here’s some strategies for getting eyes on your social accounts.

  1. Follow people and like people. You can engage with other people in your niche on Instagram and Twitter. If they like your account then they’ll follow you and engage back.
  2. PPC. This stands for “Pay Per Click” marketing. Facebook offers the best tool for this type of marketing. You’ll be paying about $1-$3 per engagement. That means if you receive 10,000 likes you’ll pay $10,000-$30,000. So make sure it’s converting to sales with a $50 test before doing this at scale.
  3. Sponsored Posts. This is the best kickstarter marketing for social media. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get your posts shared in front of your community. For example we will share your photo & caption on our Instagram page for $50. You’ll get exposure to 80k+ people and receive at least 10,000 likes. So you’ll pay $150 for $10,000-$30,000 worth of likes. The only downside to this is you can’t scale as easily. With PPC you can choose the exact amount to spend. With sponsored posts you can’t select more or less, you can simply share with the following they have and see how many people share it.

Press PR

This is another huge one! With magazine articles you can get hundreds of thousands of eyes on your campaign and the articles are free. Most magazines also offer ads or featured positions that you can pay for to get additional traffic or guaranteed inclusion.

The downside is it’s really hard to get published. You have to have something that’s really newsworthy and then hire a PR team that already has relationships with editors to do the pitching for you. If you’re spending less than $3,000 on this, then it’s likely a waist of time/money. The majority of the PR Release services for >$700 have very bad reviews and results. The reason people use these services are primarily as an SEO tool for Google to see more links to a URL. Not to effectively get press.

If you hire a personal PR expert we recommend finding someone with relationships already established.

Paid postings for magazines. Most magazines have writers selling guest postings on sites like SEOClerks. You can buy a huffington post article for $300 or a Forbes article for $2,500. However, these are “guest posts” and will not be featured on the homepage.

We write articles featuring new Kickstarters everyday. You can submit for a free article here “XXLINK”. Also, we offer a Featured position which includes a guaranteed article for $120.

Best Marketing Services:

There’s many companies that offer marketing services for Kickstarters. Here’s some of favorites.

The one with affiliate?

The one where you pay 40%?

GadgetFeed Pay Later Program. We offer a service where you pay $0 upfront. You’ll receive $35,000 of marketing for only $280 and you don’t have to pay until after you’re funded! There’s no risk on your end and if you’re not happy for any reason then you don’t have to pay. You’ll receive a guaranteed featured article in our magazine. A featured spot in our weekly email. Also, you’ll receive promotion across our social accounts with a guaranteed 10,000 engagements.

To apply you can fill out this form: “XXLINK”


Kickstarter Marketing Schedule:

Your marketing should be weighted 70% for the beginning 10% for the middle and 20% for the end. We recommend having a campaign for 60 days. Yes companies have done great during 30 days. However, having double the time makes a huge difference and weather your at half your goal or 300% your goal you’re going to be very thankful for the extra 30 days once you hit your 30 day mark.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]