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Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Here’s more information: Gadget Feed started as a Kickstarter magazine to feature our favorite gadgets. We have seen many great products fail to reach their funding goal, due to a limited marketing budget. Every employee of Gadget Feed has launched their own crowdfunding campaigns and know first hand the importance of digital marketing. We also know first hand the experience of launching a campaign with limited capital.

Most founders that use crowdfunding don’t have the capital to launch a company. This often means they don’t even have funds for a strong marketing campaign. A great product can only succeed if people know about it. So, Gadget Feed now leverages it’s weekly newsletter and marketing background to help approved technology gadgets receive the exposure they need to be discovered by the Kickstarter community.

We prioritize our digital audience over finding new marketing clients. This means, we will not feature your product unless we personally love it and believe that our audience will also fall in love with it. We limit our marketing service to a few projects per week. If you do not have a real working prototype, then please do not submit your project. If your invention is not a tech or design product, then it will not be accepted.

If you have a quality tech product, and are short on marketing funds; then let us help you surpass your funding goal. Fill out the form above, because it’s the easiest way to receive a positive ROI.