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The AS DE PIQUE Legend

AS DE PIQUE is a company that those of you watch enthusiasts might be familiar with, but barely. For those now in the know, AS DE PIQUE (which literally translates to Ace of spades) is a company from Munich, Germany that makes premium timepieces. I say premium, but while their designs certainly echo the same elements you’d see on a Rolex, AS DE PIQUE’s models are much more affordable. This is plain to see with their latest watch, the Legend, which is currently sitting in Kickstarter awaiting funding.




Now, while having a really nice watch is a pretty great selling point, AS DE PIQUE put in a little extra touch to the Legend. The company touts that the Legend has a turbine feature, which means there’s a little pattern on the watch face that spins when you activate it. It’s not exactly something that would sell me on a watch, but it does give it a unique look you won’t find anywhere else. The Legend also comes in 4 different colors, those being rose-gold/green, black/brown, silver/blue and all gray.

Outside of that, there isn’t really too much else to say about the Legend. Every single watch that gets shipped will come in a high quality AS DE PIQUE watch gift box, which should be great. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of owning a Legend, then you’re in luck. The current Kickstarter has successfully gone past its fund goal of $5,864, and it’s only heading up from here. It’s a pretty great achievement for such a niche company.


There are several different options to choose from on the Kickstarter page. You’ve got the single standard option that comes in at the price of €129 with all the colour options available. There’s also the €380eu for 4 units option, which is a considerably big discount. If you’re looking for an affordable and classical timepiece with a bit of a twist to it, then the AS DE PIQUE Legend is probably what you’re looking for. Click the blue button below to see their campaign.

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