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iMate – Charge and Synce all Your Devices

iMate has announced a hub designed for apple enthusiasts. You’ll now be able to charge and sync all of your devices without all of those adapters. They are accpeting pre-orders on Kickstarter: kck.st/2FzYDl3

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If you’re deep into the Apple ecosystem; then you likely travel with a full bag of adapters.
The iMate aims to fix this issue. Their hub allows you to connect all of your devices at the same time. This isn’t just for charging. With their software, you can even sync all your devices much easier than before.

iMate plans to feature two USB-C PD fast charge ports; allowing you to sync and charge up to six devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to all those adapters. With the iMate you won’t need them anymore.

They’ve already raised over $66k of their $20k goal from 483 backers. They still have 21 days to go on their campaign. You can visit their Kickstarter page here: kck.st/2FzYDl3

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