Hiuni Telescope 🔭

Stargazings never been so easy and enjoyable. With Hiuni you can have automatic, motorized GoTo alignment.

This new Telescope was designed for anyone interested in stargazing. It is good for all ages and can be used for recreational and educational purposes. Through the app you can automatically track and find different objects in the sky. It shows all the stars in the sky and highlights the ones that are visible to you in your current location. The mechanics behind this motorized telescope allows it to find and keep an object in focus and track it in the sky.


Hiuni’s Cassegrain style telescope makes stargazing easy with its educational app and automatic, motorized GoTo alignment. It has tools to access a deeper knowledge of what is around you. So you can learn the facts and the stories of the galaxy. You can connect multiple devices to watch a live view of the sky. The app also comes with an event planner for activity and upcoming celestial events.














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This telescope uses deep light imaging algorithms to merge and transform live images into clear, sharp views of the galaxy, making it easy to see the faintest of stars and finest details on celestial objects. Which takes me to another cool feature, Hiuni is unique with its own built-in camera to capture incredible astrophotography images. It is also wireless and portable, it comes with a case to carry to your favorite viewing destinations.

Link: https://goo.gl/zWx9Xe

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