Go Cube: A Smart Speed Cube

Go Cube: A Rubik Cube Reinvented

In this day and age, Everyone has heard of the Rubik’s cube! It´s one of the most played puzzles of the entire planet. However, that doesn´t mean that it cannot be improved or reinvented to adapt to the needs of the digital era. It was precisely that idea that has driven a campaign on Kickstarter that has raised the incredible amount of $450,000 and still has over 40 days to complete the fundraising campaign.
Originally its creators only intended to raise $25,000, which shows the enormous interest that has attracted this idea.
But what is the GoCube? In short, imagine a Rubik’s cube with smart sensors, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a real-time motion detection system, and an integrated low-power battery. Of course, this cube can be connected to an external device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. In this way, it´s possible, for example, to take an accurate timekeeping of the time spent solving the puzzle, or saving statistics.
This group of Tel Aviv developers, led by brothers Udi Dor and Amit Dor, started working on this idea in May 2016. They are part of the company Particula, which is specialized in developing and selling Smart Toys and products. It was they who achieved what seemed impossible: add technology to a simple cube. It´s even a cube lighter and more comfortable than the original Rubik.  Link to Kickstarter: https://goo.gl/6Zgyse

GoCube offers among it’s abilities the possibility of following interactive guides to learn to solve the puzzle, discover new algorithms to complete the cube faster, improve your skills and even compete against other people from anywhere in the world in online mode. It´s even possible to make global tournaments, as if it were a world cup of LoL. Of course, GoCube will include its own app for Android and iOS. 

GoCube also brings several additional mini-games, such as Simon, “make drawings”, missions, and so on. It is even possible to use your GoCube as a controller.
Right now a GoCube costs $69 in pre-sale by Kickstarter, and a version that brings a charging stand costs $79. There is also a more expensive special version called GoCube Edge, which costs $89 ($99 with its respective charging stand). However, it is possible to use a GoCube without a Stand, so to load it, it´s enough with any standard USB charger.

GoCube Edge has a more sensitive sensor, because while the normal GoCube uses the smartphone´s app as a sensor at a speed of 0.25 seconds, Edge samples the internal hardware of the cube at a speed of 0.001 seconds. In this way, only with Edge it is possible to compete in the GoCube first league online. It also allows you to save the offline movements.
According to its creators, the duration of the GoCube battery depends on its use, ranging from 3 to 30 hours. It depends on factors such as IMU, lighting level, online connection, among others.

It is expected that the first GoCube will reach the hands of their buyers in March 2019. You are still in time to be one of them.

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