Gen I2 Golfing Simulator

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Gen I2 is a company invested in solving a problem most golfers have. And that is lack of time to practice and get better at their game. Gen I2 not only created a solution for that problem they also created an app to guarantee results.

The way they did all of this is by creating a smart golf ball that connects via bluetooth, as well as hip and club sensors. Making it so it can really track where your ball will go on the field. You can use this indoors or outdoors and is portable enough to even take on a trip. The other problem Gen I2 was trying to solve was making it affordable so that more people would benefit from having an indoor simulator.



The full package  includes the ball, app, the sensors for your hip and club, as well as a multi terrain grass patch and net! You can use your own personal clubs and attach their sensors.


One thing I really like is that the ball has a find my ball feature in the app so if you misplace it or hit it out of sight you can find it much easier. The golf ball is the standard USGA regulation weight and feel the only difference is it’s intelligent!

This is a fun new technology meant for people of all ages. Its a fun way to give yourself a break when your at the office or a nice thing for the kids to play with their friends. The app has some cool features where you can play with your friends near and far, and  play tournaments. You can use the App on your IOS and Android. I think I personally would use an Ipad or tablet because it does have a cool layout so you can see where you are hitting.


We personally got to talk to the Owner of GEN I2 and can tell they really care about helping people and want to get this new technology on the market. So let’s help them out if you are interested click the blue Kickstarter button to check out their campaign!

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