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In this era that is full of technological advancements created to distract you, FOCI is doing it’s best to bring you focus! FOCI is a new wearable gadget that helps remind and train you to focus longer and better than you ever have before.

When your having a hard time focusing you are not able to be productive, The FOCI wearable lets you know and reminds you to refocus with a gentle vibration at your waist. The wearable gadget is tracking your focus by monitoring your breathing and movements.

It’s purpose is to remind and motivate you to stay on track, to train your subconscious mind and work at tasks longer. It is a great way to push yourself to strengthen your mind. I can see the need for this just in my personal experience, it is easy to want to take breaks and not stay motivated. One thing I didn’t know and learned from their campaign was that we typically get distracted every 3 minutes and within a year that’s 31 days we have lost. So I am glad people are seeing ways we can improve as humans and coming up with intelligent solutions.

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Foci has an app that it partners with so you can get the best results. I mean think about it. The majority of the time when you loose focus and want to take a break you pick up your phone. When you pick up the phone and can see hey you lost focus it reminds you right away what your priorities are. The phone also has the ability to show you a visual representation of where your mind is at. It uses visuals that are easy to understand, the colored orbs are modeled after a pixar movie called inside out. In the movie you see the cognitive state of a girl through the colorful orbs. Foci made the app this way to help you visualize your mind and understand yourself better.

With the app you can see the improvements and set goals for yourself. As a way of rewarding you you also get updates when you set a new record, or do a good job.  With this app it helps you better understand yourself what makes you focus, what causes distractions, are you going through stress, and fatigue. Every detail counts, helping you evaluate how you have performed and how to improve.

Thanks for reading if yo want to know more details, you check out their campaign by clicking on the blue box below!

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