Cloud Rain – The Smart Way to Water Your Garden

There is now a smart way to water your garden. Joining the growing Smart Home trend, CloudRain is pre-selling a device on Kickstarter, that will water your garden for you.



This app-controlled garden irrigation system is controlled by an intelligent algorithm that uses local weather data. The valves installed in the garden can be controlled via the app and automatically water your plants. This algorithm ensures optimal irrigation to avoid unnecessary water consumption. The valve control box has a clean, wireless design, thanks to solar energy. You can use the control unit on your current irrigation systems as well.

Their campaign is live Link: CloudRain Campaign

As of 3/23/18 it has raised $8,900 in pre-orders with 28 days remaining. Henry Broeker, founder of CloudRain invented a rough prototype after finding his own plants had died while on vacation. He expanded his team and they’ve built a model that looks ready for market. “This crowdfunding campaign is the right way to start with our innovative Smart Garden product.” – Henry Broeker.

Read more about it on their campaign page

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