C2 4-in-1 Alarm Clock With Wireless Bed Shaker

Got problems with waking up early morning? Worry not! C2’s here to help you on time for any appointment. HomTime team gathered up the feedback from thousands of C1 customers and brainstormed into making C2 more advanced and awesome.

Let’s check out the cool new features of this prototype.
a24416fd322a90c10e2563e933097b5f_original• Wireless Bed Shaker – a perfect way to be woken up without interrupting your roommate, not to mention some people needs an extra nudge to get themselves up.

03ca6a94fd3901d455dd08c3a48178be_original• Time-Sync and Jumbo-Digital Display – an easier way to set the time on your new sleep buddy. Simply connect your phone with your phone wire to C2 and it will automatically sync with your phone’s time. The 3.2 inches LCD time display makes your glance catch the time. It also automatically adapts to light conditions and adjust the brightness level.

c1d1871f1ba4db18e147258e3efbbe33_original• Speaker – want a classy timeless music to wake you up? It is possible with C2 as it allows you to stream music from your phone and plays it with the internal speakers.

aa019057e8a6fff6931f04e06fcdc7c5_original• Power-bank Feature – now this is a huge plus! C2 comes with two USB ports and charging indicators certified safe by MFI lets you charge your phone and lets you wake up with a fully charged battery.

790246d0a0ef01a83b8abe34c0a8cb8f_original• Gesture-Controlled Nightlight – turn it on or off with a simple wave over the top button.

7b25ca64010050d11e23d6585511c675_original• Dial to Set Alarm/Time – forget the buttons and touchpads, here’s a new cool way to set the time or your alarm. Rotate the pad to your preferred time and hit on “set”, bedtime! In addition to the cool rotary dial, a snooze button is also installed if you need more rest time.


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Get your sleep-buddy now! Visit their Kickstarter page and make a pledge! Click here.

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