Smart Wine Aeration

Aveine Smart Aeration

When you open up a bottle of wine, do you ensure to decant it for a couple of hours
before tasting any? If not, it’s likely because it takes too long, or because you’re
not sure whether to aerate it for 20 min or 4 hours. Aveine, has a smart gadget on
Indiegogo that aims to solve this problem: Indiegogo Link

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There are a lot of gadgets that have come to market that help aerate wine as you
pour it. However, these devices often operatate as an on/off switch. Someone wines
need to be aerated more than others. The solution is this smart gadget that’s adjustable
from 20min of aeration to 24hrs. It mixes the perfect amount of air as your pour.

If you don’t know the proper amount of time to aerate your wine; their integrated app
can help. You just scan the label and it will recommend which setting to use. You can
also manually adjust your settings for each glass.

The Aveine is doing well with over $66k of it’s $30k goal raised. They still have a month
remaining on their Indiegogo campaign which you can find here: Indiegogo


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