Noise Canceling Waterproof Earbuds

Noise Canceling Waterproof Earbuds

These little earbuds by ARIA seem to have it all. They’re accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo:

Since Apple released the first generation of their wireless earpods, many manufacturers have come up with similar iterations. But of the so many Airpod-esque products that flood the market, only a handful of them offer the same or close enough quality and durability as the real thing.
The ARIA earbuds are one of those elite few. ARIA earbuds are the result of an Indiegogo crowdfunding project initiated by xFyro. These enhanced wireless earphones come with a host of enhanced and still-to-be-widely adopted technologies.

Besides the rugged-preparedness of the ARIA earphones, they make use of the latest Bluetooth technology which is more than twice as fast and dependable than other Bluetooth versions. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the range, and speed of connectivity have been improved. The automatic pairing feature of the ARIA headphones ensures audiophiles never have to worry about connectivity problems.

In addition, the earbuds have an exclusive noise-canceling feature that is not found anywhere else. This means that users get the best in terms of sound quality due to the reduction in unwanted surrounding sounds. Also, the earphones boast of improved high-definition speakers for an unrivaled sonorous audio experience.

Since these earphones are wireless, they need a source of power. Based on that, the buds come with long-lasting batteries that offer more than 30 hours of audio playback. As a result, users can use the earbuds throughout the day without thinking about recharging. And just like Apple’s AirpodsTM, the ARIA earbuds have a case that doubles as a charging dock.

The most important benefit of the ARIA earphones is definitely the included advanced components that offer good audio quality. Moreover, the earbuds can be paired with virtually all devices that have Bluetooth master radios – devices that can transmit signals via Bluetooth rather than receive. This feature makes it possible for the ARIA earbuds to be used with Android and iOS devices as well as feature phones, tablets and audio producing gadgets that have Bluetooth.
More interesting is the fact that the ARIA earbuds have a “Tap to Talk” feature with native support for Apple’s proprietary virtual assistant “Siri” (similar to what you get with the Airpods). Furthermore, the earbuds have a feature that enables them to turn on when taken from their case and turn off when put back eliminating the stress of switching it on and off when in use or not.
Needless to point out is the durability of these headphones. Due to the long-lasting materials used in making the ARIA earbuds, audiophiles need not worry about getting a new set of earphones as often as they used to. The wireless earphones are both dustproof and waterproof which means that the buds will survive even the toughest places as far as they are not beyond dust or water. To put it into perspective, the ARIA earbuds are IP67 certified which translates to complete imperviousness to dust and water.

This campaign has already surpassed their funding goal with over $108,000 raised and over 30 days remaining.


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