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Aquabionic Diving Fins

If you’re a diver, then you’re very familiar with the feeling of walking around in your fins. We’ve learned the tricks to make it a little easier. However, slipping on your fins while fighting against the beach break or while in line to get back on your boat, is never the fun part of diving. They are accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter:

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The Aquabionic Abs Fins aims to fix this problem. With a one-handed quick connect system; you can now easily attach your fins to your dive boots. I’ll be honest; when I first saw this video, I thought it was neat but not good enough to really make a difference. That’s when I realized this fin system is designed to solve a lot more than the slow process of putting your fins on.

This is a diving fin system, with interchangeable fins. You can now easily click on the Long Carbon Blades; The Warp Blade; and the warp hybrid fins. Also, instead of walking around in booties; you would have a nicer water shoe style of boot.

There is a hike in Hawaii, where these fins would be perfect. You can run along the river rocks in the boots, then just click on your fins when you get to the pool at the end. I’m sure there are many other uses where having a better boot; interchangeable blades; and quick attach bindings can come in handy.

These water fins are doing well with over $32k of their $51k funding goal raised. They still have 26 days remaining. You can learn more on their Kickstarter page here:

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