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Logitech G300S Review

Most gamers today are well aware of the need for high quality mice. Making precise and accurate motions when playing a game is basically a requirement, and this simply isn’t possible with an an inadequate mouse. But at the same time, most gamers don’t have the moolah to shell out for an expensive gaming mouse. So, what do you do if you’re stuck between these two problems? Logitech hopes to answer that question with the Logitech G300S, a gaming mouse for the budget conscious gamer.

Today, we plan to take a closer look at the Logitech G300S, how it performs and whether it not it serves it purpose as an entry-level gaming mouse. Before we begin however, it should be clear that the Logitech G300S is not going to outperform the top tier mice at the high end of the pricing spectrum. It’s meant to be a simple, no-nonsense mouse for simple gamers who don’t have the cash to spend on an expensive mouse.

In terms of design, the Logitech G300S is quite a decent looking mouse. Unlike many other gaming mice that tend to go over the top and theatrical with dazzling colours and designs, the G300S is simple and understated. It features an ambidextrous shape suitable for all gamers, with a matte black finish and tasteful blue highlights. The matte finish gives the surface a smooth feel, while also preventing fingerprints and smudges. It’s also a nice and grippy material, so the mouse doesn’t slip out of your hand during normal use.

On the other hand, the mouse is also leans a bit towards the small side of the mouse spectrum. It’s not overwhelmingly tiny, and most people will find it perfectly usable. Just be aware it’s not going to fit very snugly in a larger hand the same way something like the Razer Deathadder might. The build quality we have on display here is exemplary, and the mouse works fine on multiple different surfaces. Rapid mouse presses all register properly, and the optical sensor (250 – 2500 dpi accurate) on the bottom works great. Overall, the Logitech G300S works and feels great, easily punching above its price point.

A main selling point of gaming mice is their customizability, and the Logitech G300S is no exception. What places a gaming mouse above an average is the software customization after all. Any gaming mouse worth its salt needs to be able to allow the gamer to customize it according to their preference. Logitech, a veteran in the world of gaming mice, knows this very well, which is why the Logitech G300S has its own full software suite for that lets you change several things about it.

The G300S features 9 programmable extra buttons, all placed within the reach of the user from a neutral position. The software suite allows you to customize what each one of these nine buttons does, from activating voice chat to mundane tasks like reloading your gun in a game. It’s even of capable of switching your DPI on the fly. The possibilities are endless, though the G300S’ memory is only capable of memorizing 3 gaming profiles at once, symbolized by what colour you assign the profile to. Usually this is more than enough to cover every genre, but it’d be nice if it could save a few more.

The software suite the Logitech G300S comes with is simple and intuitive, with most commands being set via a simple drag and drop interface. There are plenty of options available, and the software can even detect what game you’re starting up to prepare the optimal profile setup for said game. In terms of specs, the G300s supports a 1-milisecond report rate. What this essentially means is that there is no lag between the input of your mouse and what happens in-game. So, if you’re usually fast in games, this is a mouse that will help you put that speed to good use.

So, how good is the Logitech G300S exactly at the end of the day? Overall, I’d say it’s an incredible value for your money, and definitely something I’d recommend to the budget gamer. It comes with many features you tend to see on much more expensive mice, while costing a fraction of the price at just $22 for a new unit. It’s crazy good, and sets the standard for all other budget gaming mice in its price range.

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