Aluminum Vector Wallet

Vector Aluminum Wallet

This  heavy duty Aluminum wallet recently hit the Kickstarter Marketplace. It was made by a man that got inspired to create Vector Wallet because the the problems he saw with your typical wallet. The Vector Wallet is durable, water proof, RFID blocking, and locks everything securely inside whether you have 2 cards on you or 5.

This wallet is built to last, and is handmade in The USA. It’s made with aluminum components  that are anodized  black for a great two toned look, Its also made with Delrin plastic to keep the weight down. It is small enough to fit into your front pocket and holds up to 5 cards. One of the things that is fun about this wallet is that it has a lever that pops all your cards out and displays them in a way that’s easy to grab and looks cool. almost like an automatic knife.

If you watch the video below you will also see it has a money clip that is recessed into the wallet so that the wallet stays slim.

I would describe this wallet as a masculine wallet that has an Industrial feel. This wallet is for the manly tough guy. It feels like something a military man would have. It’s simple slip and strong. You  also has the option of getting a matching key chain and bottle opener this was an extra reward for the campaign to give you more options.  This is a very practical reward because these are the two things you always have on you.

Both the wallet and key chain comes in 6 different colors that are all sandblasted with a matte finish. In addition to everything else they offer, they also have an add on have your wallet custom engraved for that extra personal touch. You could get your name or business engraved for a cool personalized touch. In my opinion, Custom engraved items makes for the most thoughtful gifts.


They also added an an exclusive wooded vector wallet in which they say in their campaign “Only ten wooden Vector Wallets will ever be made!” And that each of the ten are handcrafted by the owner himself with a nice walnut wood!


So check it out in the button below if you want more info or want a new wallet.

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