The Ultimate Fume Extractor

The ultimate fume extractor

The Fumetractor

While the Kickstarter train usually produces the same old types of products, every now and then something really different and innovative pops up. These things tend to be really interesting and niche, simply because they’re meant for a small target audience. The Fumetractor is one of those things, but it’s arguably also very useful for many people outside of the niche audience. The Fumetractor is a a smart solder fume extractor made for use at homes, schools and pretty much anywhere.

In case you don’t know, soldering irons tend to contain Rosin, an element that allows the solder to flow easy. The fumes from these are called solder fumes, and solder fumes can cause occupational asthma and other health problems like skin dermatitis. The Fumetractor aims to eradicate this by keeping the fumes away from your face and skin. It’s really a simple concept thats been done before, but the Fumetractor differs from its peers by having many other extras.

For starters, the Fumetractor comes in a battery powered variant, which makes it much easier to place than its wire-needing alternatives. The carbon filter in the Fumetractor are easily changeable, and it runs silently thanks to its 60mm fans and vapo-bearing-system. The device can run on a single full charge for an approximate 6 hours, and it supports wireless charging via Qi-charging pads which is convenient. If you don’t have a Qi-charger, then you’ll be happy to hear that it can charge with your typical microUSB cable.

As for the controls, the Fumetractor utilizes a single button for all its controls. A simple short press on the little black button turns the fan in the Fumetractor on and off, which is pretty basic. A slightly longer press on it however turns on not just the fan but also the device’s LED lights for those darker nights of soldering. Finally, an extra long press on the button turns on everything AND changes the brightness of the LED lights. In terms of size, its outer dimensions measure in at 130x83x74mm, so it’s really nice and compact.

Now, what about the pricing? There are currently three options available on the Kickstarter other than the bundle options. The first is a variant without a battery or wireless charging, and it serves as a basic version of the Fumetractor for €44. Bumping the price to €64 gives you a battery, but no wireless charging, while €79 grants you all the bells and whistles. Finally, there’s also a special Kickstarter edition for €150. The Kickstarter is currently at $17,238 of their $23,127 goal with 22 days to go, so check out their campaign by clicking the blue button below.

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