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Today’s, bicycles, motorcycles and electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular among urban dwellers who try to move themselves in a comfortable and safe way. And naturally, products have emerged that aim to respond to this demand, such as the AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter.

AKTIVO Scoot has been inspired by the automobile industry, and it has an elegant and dynamic design. It is a powerful and suitable scooter to ride the roads with style.
AKTIVO is proud to have real experts in electric motors and engineers on it’s international team. Some of it’s developers even participated in the creation of the ultralight electric skateboard E-Go Cruiser in 2013. In addition, Their company has manufactured more than 100,000 electric skateboards since 2015.
The great novelty behind this new scooter model is that it is the first existing hubless wheel scooter, being powered by an impressive and powerful 1000 W brushless electric motor. This engine is capable of pushing the scooter at speeds of up to 30 km/h, although it will be enough with 25 km/h to not be late for your work. Even though it rains, This scooter has an IP54 waterproof mark.
The wheels of this model are KOME H2065 Hubless, manufactured directly by EWHEELIN, the commercial partner of AKTIVO.

It´s no longer necessary to push the scooter uphill, this model drives 20 degree slopes better than anyone. In addition, AKTIVO Scoot weighs only 13 kg, so it is quite light and portable, and can easily be placed in your car.

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While riding, you can see your speed, position, lights and battery through the app, with which you can also see about available driving modes, travel distance, statistics, and even more. The app will be launched in August 2018.
It is true that most scooters offer normal chargers that perform a battery recharge in 5 hours, but AKTIVO has managed to make recharging in 3 or 2 hours possible thanks to it’s 2A and 3A chargers, which are part of the Scoot packages. There are two available versions of AKTIVO Scoot: white and grey, respectively.

Since January 2017, AKTIVO Scoot has been in development, testing several prototypes during the last 18 months until achieving a definitive and safe version of quality. It is expected that its first versions will reach the market in October 2018, although the Kickstarter patrons who bought the Early Birds will receive them in September of this year.
However, you still have time to buy it on Kickstarter with a discount of 30% that will end on August 7, for only 484 dollars. The package includes a set of tools and a 2A fast charger, with a 6 month warranty included. However, if you pay 58$ more, you will also receive a helmet and an extra-fast 3A charger (only 2 hours charging).
In summary, without  a doubt there has not been a time in human history where it was so easy, fast and comfortable to move around a city, like today. To find out more click the blue button below.

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