Tail It GPS Tracker With Global Range

Tail it

While most of us are no stranger to losing equipment, prizes possessions or even the most unnecessary items when we need them most, the real trouble begins when one can’t find it regardless of the efforts. In a situation like these havoc or panic strikes as the painful reminder of the clock ticking and your lack of organizing come back to haunt you.

What’s more, is that’s not all! Regardless of your efforts to stay large and in charge of some equipment or even people, manage to get away from you, and not for the better. In times like these, one can’t help but to wish for the missing item to locate itself, and fortunately, that will now be the case with tail it! 

Tail it is a state of the art GPS tracking system which is compact in size, supports wireless charging and is water resistant. This little device will help you locate anything and anyone all around the world. A miniature device that frees your loved ones and belongings from the shackles of boundaries. Never again will anyone have to find their item of interest, as the item itself will keep the owner aware of its position at their beck and call.

Link to Kickstarter:

A wireless GPS tracker who is subjected to zero constraints, not even global ones! With 8 weeks of battery and a sleek design that also provides location accuracy up to 5 meters, is nothing less than a dream come true.

This futuristic device will not only help you keep track of your belongings but also help you in locating them in times of need. As an analogy, when the rush hour strikes people tend to misplace their items, therefore, losing even valuable items such as one’s guitar or even laptop. While no one here is to be blamed for the mishap itself, tail it can turn the situation around in a matter of minutes. By simply placing the device on the item of interest, you not only have the desired item at your beck and call but you are also towards the security of that item, the best of both worlds in the price of one!

Because so many people have different things they want kept safe they created 4 different version of their GPS all with different shapes and different lengths of battery life. To find out the specific lengths of battery for each check out there kickstarter in the link below.

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