You can create complex passwords with this portable device

Mooltipass Mini

The Mooltipass Mini is a portable hardware device that stores your passwords safely wherever you are. It’s a simple solution that helps you to avoid using an identical password for all your accounts. The Mooltipass Mini is capable of connecting to any USB-compatible device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). It’s smaller, and therefore more portable, than the original design.

The device comes with a personal smartcard that you unlock with a pin, enabling multiple users with different smartcards to share the same device securely. The controls on the Mooltipass Mini are operated through tapping on the desk beside the device, or clicking the scroll wheel on the right hand side. Because the card stores all your username and password information, you only have to remember the pin to unlock your card in order to access all your various accounts. It also has automatic detection for a lot of login forms, and a favorites list for quick access.

With so much of our personal information accessible online, particularly that related to our banking and credit services, it’s more important than ever to be smart about our security on the web. The Mooltipass allows you to create complex passwords, and even complicated or unusual answers to prompt questions, and to store them conveniently in one place with only one pin number to access them mp4 mp2 mp6

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