Cell Phone Holder with no insert.

The Viper 360 is an awesome new Cell phone holder like nothing before. The Versatile Docking Project started in 2014 to provide a way to keep both hands productive and available in your everyday life.


It is perfect for people who cant use their hands but want to have their phone accessible wherever they are. This particular cell phone grip is pretty cool because you don’t have to put in a case to hold it there is a quick and easy removal process if you want to pick it up and use it. It is a super strong grip as well so you can run or exercise with it on your arm and it wont fall off. Some other places this can get useful is during driving or gaming.


The product comes with a case and band and they work together to provide this magnetic body grip that Grips Tight!  It’s so nice to have your phone accessible so fast! You can also place your phone at any point on the grip there is 360 Degrees of Grip. You can also choose from 12  different Styles!!


The inventor Billly is a creative and has been inventing things all of his life. He has a passion for things that save time and make people’s lives easier, so he decided to bring viper 360 to life for everyone. In his experience he had lost his phone multiple times and bought a cell phone arm insert band and realized it could use some improvements which is when he came up with the Viper 360.


They have been prepping for 3 years and now have everything figured out to down to the shipping speed as the viper 360 id scheduled to arrive within 30 days of the ending of their campaign. They are working with manufacturers who have over 100 years of experience delivering excellent products in massive quantities because their overall goal is to make  the best possible product for their customers. So check it out on kickstarter:

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