This pillow is much more than your typical pillow.

Dreampad Pillow


The Dreampad is a pillow designed to help you relax into sleep by playing music through gentle vibrations only you can hear. It uses Intrasound Technology, which converts sound into gentle vibrations that go straight to your inner. The process signals your nervous system to relax, calming your body and mind. Because the sound travels internally, instead of externally, it won’t wake up the person in the bed next to you. The vibrations moving through bony area surrounding the middle and inner ear also help trigger the body’s relaxation response.dream2

The purchase of the Dreampad includes an app which enables you to put together playlists of music treated specifically for delivery through the bone conduction vibrations of the Dreampad. It is able to use a person’s regular music playlist as well, if they prefer something they are already familiar with. One of the songs that they have created in particular, is formulated as a rhythmic breathing exercise that helps time the user’s breathing in order to de-stress as they’re going to sleep.  The Dreampad is available in three different styles: firm, memory, or slim support.


The Dreampad pillow has a lot of research in place to support its claims for effectiveness, in addition to an established history of use as a therapeutic product initially designed for children. The pillow is useful both for people that are looking to fall asleep easier, as well as those who have trouble sleeping through the night without recurring wakeups. It’s been featured in Forbes, Marie Claire, LiveStrong, and CNN, among other media sources.


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