This new device is going to keep you safer.

My Keeper

My Keeper

My Keeper is a personal safety device that connects via Bluetooth to your phone. It’s designed as a way to alert your friends, family, and connected community of an emergency in a situation where it might be difficult to reach your phone quickly. This includes elderly people living alone, men and women in urban environments where there might be an incident, people who engage in outdoor sports and activities, and parents wanting a way to monitor their children.

The device itself is much more visually appealing than other similar products. My Keeper partnered with a young French jewelry designer, Evahia Jewelry. Each one is handmade, and is shaped as a simple and stylish key-chain.

My Keeper relies on Bluetooth communication with an application on a smartphone. It allows for location geo-tagging in places where it would be difficult in the event of an emergency to give accurate directions, such as a trail or in an unfamiliar city. Its quick access allows you to send an alert with an easy double click, instead of having to locate your phone in your purse or to get to it in the event of a fall for the elderly. The fact that it runs through an application on your phone saves the consumer the high monthly fees of other similar devices.

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Possible issues regarding design and efficiency that that we were concerned about included cellphone reliability in remote locations (for outdoor activities), or a false alarm if a child got a hold of the device. Also, the site video lacks the sleek style of the actual product. The design is minimalist and fashionable, and made to look at home on a designer handbag or as an accessory clipped to clothing. It’s an easily accessed device that gives an expedient way for a person in a vulnerable situation to feel more secure.

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter:


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