This case is not your typical iphone case.


Smartkase for iPhone


The Smartkase has been designed to answer some of the most prevalent issues for iPhone users: multiple sim cards that mean having to use separate phones, a lack of sufficient storage space with an increase in video and photo shooting quality, and the perpetual dilemma of running out of battery life. It doubles your battery life, gives you up to 256GB of additional storage, and allows you to switch between your personal and work numbers.


While some products—such as a battery case or an external charge—may solve one of these dilemmas, the Smartkase takes it a step farther by combining several functions into one sleek device. It works with all iPhone 6 and 7 models, and is a slim 4mm thick. That’s half as thick as a normal battery case, without the additional sim and memory card slots. When your phone is plugged in, it can recharge your iPhone and the additional battery in the case simultaneously.



The Smartkase comes in five colors: black, white, gold, rose, and steel blue. It is composed of a two part frame—an outer protective frame, and the module itself. Also included is an app that lets you easily access the Smartkase for power or sim card usage, and to utilize the extra storage.

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