The Most Advanced Stabilizer for Your Phone & GoPro

3efe0ca8ff13f75c8b8c671e13924b99_originalLove taking videos of yourself while doing something cool? Here’s a project introducing the most advanced stabilizer for either your phone or your action camera. It’s auto-track, motion time-lapse, panorama, long exposure, and easy to use video function features are best for people who’s always on the go! You can easily switch from upright position to upside-down.

9aea74e21dc4aa862aefc0d9d1826dee_originalIt has three panorama modes extending from 180° to 330° and 12 picture wide angle. The auto-track function lets you select a subject and the device will be sync with your camera to follow where the subject is heading keeping it centered in the frame. Slow motion feature lets you see every video detail and time-lapse feature to get the perfect fast-paced video output.

4cb5bd6e660a758c6f1972cc2a005983_originalThe Rigiet team was established in Connecticut in the first half of the year 2015.These team of photo-video-lovers thought it would be best to make the best stabilizer, aiming to eliminate shaky videos and create absolutely wonderful pictures at less than $200 cost!

Aside from the awesome price drop, Rigiet also developed an application to let you share your captured moments instantly with your social media friends; it works with Instagram, SnapChat, and Youtube! Want to know more? Check out it out on Kickstarter, click here.

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