Orion Sun Systems 1000W Solar Generator

Your Outdoor Power Provider

Love traveling but hate the gasoline costs for your generator? Worry not! Orion Sun Systems have the perfect gear for you! What gear? A portable power station! This project maximizes the use of sunlight and converts it to usable energy.

This portable solar pane is packed with a rechargeable 12.8-volt, 100 amp-hour, and an absorbent glass mat. This battery can stand for more than 2000 charge and discharge cycle at 70% depth of discharge, this makes it perfect for heavy duty power loads.

Another outstanding feature of this
project is the optional windmill attachment which can also provide power without the need of the sun’s rays. So aside from the solar panel that requires sunlight, the windmill can charge the battery anytime, regardless of the weather condition and the time of the day. No more worries for power shortage! Day or night, rain or shine, this project is ready to provide!

Moreover, it is equipped with an 8 inches all-terrain wheels that deliver convenience in moving it. Rough track? The soft grip handle will make it smooth to maneuver. Orion Sun System 1000W Solar Generator is designed for smooth and easy portability and sturdy to withstand heavy weather conditions. You can leave it outdoors for days, weeks, months or even years and will still provide a free power flow!

No more hassle with fuel budget, weekly maintenance, and the annoying noise that fuel-powered generators make. This project will also help reduce pollution, which makes you a planet saver!
Orion Sun Systems 1000W Solar Generator is manufactured in the United States which gives easy access to Orion Sun System to oversee the production and making sure that quality materials are used. Purchasing grants one year manufacturer’s warranty. Click here to check the product.

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