Two-Step Skin Care & Grooming System for Men

Shaving, worries on razor bumps, and hiding zits are some of the things that keep men away from their priorities. Not to mention this common issue among men affects their confidence. This team has decided to invest in men’s facial care system as they knew how hard it is to find a perfect solution for the different types of men’s skin type at a very modest cost.

There are 3 types of products to match men’s different skin types. First is the Anti-Aging to help fight father time and reduce further damage caused by harsh chemicals out in the open. Keep that perfect skin for a longer time! Next up, for those who have sensitive skin. The team has formulated Sensitive Skin Care to eliminate redness and irritation eliminating harsh chemicals used in most products. The last formulation is to lessen Acne, there are skin types that are very prone to acne and breakouts, worry no more! This formulation will help tighten those pores making it hard for dirt to dig in and pile up.
They have found the way to lessen the time of men grooming, from face wash to moisturizing. Eliminating the application of shaving cream as their facial wash is bundled with a cream for smooth shaving glides! Goodbye razor bumps! And the last step is applying their 2-in-1 moisturizer and SPF 30.

Capture2Here’s a walkthrough on how this project came to be. It all started in October 2015 when Dan’s wife pointed out that soap in the shower is not making much magic into keeping Dan’s face look younger. Two months after using women’s facial care, Dan felt much hassle using these products, he felt it was time-consuming and every other product packed separately: facial was, cleanser, moisturizer, etc.So he decided why not make a facial care system bundled altogether to keep grooming time lesser. On March of the following year, Dan thought it would be best to name his product, MODRN. July of 2016 product lines targeted: anti-aging, sensitive skin, and acne. A couple of months passed and they established a partnership with Benchmark one of the best formulation company in South Carolina to create the two-way system. Research then started in October 2016 and a manufacturer was chosen last month!

Want to know more about this awesome project? Click here to visit their Kickstarter link.

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