Jeffrie, The smart mailbox

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Meet your parcel guard Jeffrie powered by the world’s leading carrier, FedEx. The alarming rise of package theft in the United States caught the team’s attention to make Jeffrie. Over a survey online with 1000 people, 72% are bothered with their valuables stolen.

So in order to stop the increasing count of the crime, Jeffrie tracks and secures deliveries with a lockable compartment. Here are some features that make Jeffrie the best!


• Secure compartment with 3-dial combination code
• Durable compartment that can hold up to 80 pounds
• Slash-proof mesh to avoid cutting and puncturing
• Insulated to keep groceries fresh up to 8 hours
• Carriers know how to use Jeffrie and it automatically sends delivery instructions to your carrier’s device
• No installation needed
• Fold and store Jeffrie when not in use

71e186699664dc565ef046fcf1554215_originalThis device made by a team of military service and user interaction, AR/VR and consumer electronics, and industrial design and manufacturing made it possible to eliminate one of the real world problems. Want to know more? Click here to visit their Kickstarter page.

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