Gear Supply Co. Guitar Pedals

Here’s a project best for guitarists! A hand wire guitar pedals at a very low price, thanks to Gear Supply Co. who eliminated middlemen from the market. Teaming up with Paul Spears to design the pedal, they are able to make cool circuits. Using four knobs pedal features to keep everything minimal, user-friendly, and still provide massive tonal availability to suit your style.

The Light Drive unit is pure, touch sensitive, and has dynamic transparent overdrive. It offers responsive low control and saving buffered bypass.
Medium Drive unit, on the other hand, features a vivid, punchy, and equalized overdrive.
And the Harmonic Tremolo has this vintage vibe to its looks and has a warm amp-like tremolo. Caters rich harmonic swells and can produce sounds from delicate tones to crispy helicopter choppiness.
Lastly, the Dynamic Compressor is a flexible, vintage-looking pedal. Can be as toned from total silence to ground-breaking spanky tones.
This project offers an early bird special pricing for the first 25 units sold of each pedal. Grab the chance to get this cool, affordable hand wire pedals now. Check out their page on Kickstarter, click here to visit.

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