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Cryptostripe is a data management tool designed by privacy advocates to give individual users peace of mind storing documents, protecting their personal information and data from prying eyes around the world.


The software Cryptostripe is developing allows users to connect with different cloud providers and stripe their data across multiple servers. This ensures data will not to be jeopardized if a server has a breach of security. Not only will the product allow users to upload any piece of data with it being completely secure, It can also give you the maximum capacities of multiple cloud services without paying for extra storage on your individual cloud provider like dropbox or google drive…

The program also allows users to view, upload, and download all files from all their clouds storages from one place without having to be on multiple sites at a time. What makes the files so secure are three simple things 1. A Custom algorithm takes a file and encrypts it, 2. the file is then split into a number of pieces and uploaded onto the users cloud storages of choice, 3. The only way to view the file as a whole is to re-download through the use of the users Cryptostripe account where it will be unencrypted and made whole again.75b322accf106851c5fc7e7aff1435f2_original

As we move forward more and more of our lives and personal information become digitized, the convenience of putting all of our information into the hands of companies on “the cloud” is training us to casually sacrifice our privacy and fragment our online identities. Even recently consumers have learned of the massive data breach on the pop

ular website Yahoo. This sort of intrusion into privacy is becoming a much more common issue that has the potential to cause harm to many. In order to restore that feeling of security Cryptostripe wants to put an end to our users lack of privacy. After the countless data breaches and government data seizures they decided that consumers needed a way to store their data knowing 53c69f258b146bd424c802c59449be77_original100% that they would be the only ones with access to it, and so they set out to build just that.

Both founders are heavy advocates of personal privacy and security and so coming together they took and idea and are working diligently to bring it into reality. They are passionate about this idea and work day and night looking for ways to improve the experience for their future users.




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