Check out how this charging cable is so versatile.


The Intelli-Charge is a versatile mobile device charging cable. It has two interchangeable heads—a Micro USB and Apple Certified Lightning—to charge Android and iOS phones, as well as Bluetooth headphones. Some of the main goals in the creation of this product were durability and conductivity, while creating a charge cord that could be interchanged between any given phone or Bluetooth headphone. They have a 12V internal cable, an upgrade from the typical 5V on the market.

The cable is illuminated to visually confirm that your device is charging, and at what speed. It is thicker than most other cords on the market, to help eliminate tangling, and also features auto shut-off to prevent overcharging and wearing on the battery. Intelli-charge comes in five colors: purple, blue, red, green, and pink.

This kickstarter includes a prototype gallery that give stages and details on the actual prototypes and product development. They can be seen here:

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