You can now have an automatic tree fixation


There are so many Christmas trees around the world, and during Christmas most families celebrate by putting up a tree. If your in that family every year its the same, you go pick out your tree and bring it home and you feel excited and ready for the season.


One problem that HTX ran into was that they felt there wasn’t an easy way of putting up their Christmas tree and once its up it often was not straight and once it is straight you still have to take care of it make sure its getting enough water.  The HTX team decided to come up with a solution. They made the first Christmas tree holder that fixes the tree electrically and allows you to adjust it with the help of a remote control. This makes the whole process each year much easier. On top of that the stand has a pressure sensor to make sure the tree has enough water. So you can be sure your tree will be healthy straight and secure with this awesome new invention. you can find it on kickstarter here:


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