A new device that helps you sleep better.




Nightingale is the first smart home sleep system. It’s an innovative approach to sleep technology that allows you to mask common indoor and outdoor noises that disrupt a peaceful night’s rest. You can choose from 15 different soothing blankets of evenly distributed background sound, courtesy of a pair of units that plug into nearly anywhere in the room, even behind furniture. The Nightingale is constructed using pass-through outlets, so that other devices can still be plugged into the outlets.

night5Nightingale can be controlled through iOS and Android mobile apps, or a web browser from any PC. It’s also the first smart sleep system with the capacity of connecting to smart home devices such as Nest, Ring, Amazon Alexa, and Philips Hue using the IFTTT platform. It can also play different nature sounds to help ease you into sleep, and includes a 4-color LED night light to subtly illuminate the room.


Nightingale boasts a design brought together by acoustic experts and audio engineers, enabling them to create the most effective sleep system on the market. It uses two units in any given room, each with two speakers, to create a uniform and even coverage of sound. The brain is unable to perceive where the sound is originating from, causing it to blend into the background. White noise machines currently available on the market make disruptive noise at higher frequencies, but the nightingale is a sound masking machine that is engineered at the right frequencies and decibel levels to mask the noise more subtly.night3


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