This claims to be a universal system for charging using magnets


PowerMAG is a universal magnetic charging and syncing cable. It allows you to have one cable that will charge all of your devices, using small adapters that plug into the charging ports on your phone, tablet, netbook, camera, etc. The cable has a magnetic head that attaches to the adapter It can charge or sync any device that uses either an Apple Lightning, Micro USB, or USB C-Connector head.

It also features an Auto Disconnect function that cuts the power flow to your device when it is fully charged in order to help prevent overcharging and wearing out your battery. Both the cable and the adapters are water resistant, so they can be used in places such as the kitchen or bathroom where they might get wet.

The PowerMAG comes in an array of lengths and colors, supports all Android and iPhone models, and has a maximum power output of 3AMP.

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