Find out how to take your Lego projects to the next level

SBrick Plus

Sbrick Plus allows you to take your Lego projects to a whole new level. It’s a brick designed to interlock with the Lego building blocks, enabling you to turn them into interactive creations. The SBrick is controlled via Bluetooth to your computer, iPad, or smartphone. It’s geared toward parents wanting to give their children a leg-up on programming and robotics.

It’s an exciting and interactive way to get into computer coding. It supports Swift Playgrounds, Scratch, and JavaScript. It works with the currently available products that Lego offers: Powerfunctions, Wedo 1.0, and NXT/EV3. It allows you to control the sensors, motors, and LEDs. The Lego structures and vehicles that you build with these additions can now be controlled via Bluetooth at your command, or pre-programmed with various directives.

The SBrick includes lesson plans and activities that allow you to learn with your child, and they’ve designed the guide to be clearly laid out for parents who haven’t done programming before. They have well thought out, step-by-step tutorials. The exercises can be solved using Scratch, Javascript, or Apple Swift, enabling them to move on to more complex programming languages as they become better versed in coding.

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